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Friday, March 24, 2017

who is better? between this 3 personality

me being a INFJ

INTJs IQs are normally very high - apparently second only to INTP on average. This is because they have Introverted Intuition (Ni) at the top of their stack followed by Extraverted Thinking (Te). Ni collects information, relates it and categorises it into neat little boxes - pretty much subconsciously. Te then consciously makes clear, logical and objective decisions based on this information. This combination makes INTJs first class thinkers.
Note: There is quite a lot of conjecture that IQ tests are mostly written by INTPs (the theorists of academia) and actually test how similar to an INTP someone is - so take IQ with a pinch of salt as measure of smartness.

INFJs are at the top of the spectrum for Emotional Intelligence - referred to as EQ. This is because they have Introverted Intuition (Ni) at the top of their stack followed by Extraverted Feeling (Fe). As with the INTJs, Ni collects information, relates it and categorises it into neat little boxes - pretty much subconsciously. Fe then processes this information with a sort of gut feel rooted in social understanding / empathy for others. This combination gives INFJs an uncanny ability to see through others and, where present, to feel their emotional pain. They are first class counsellors and confidants.

INTJs value IQ and don't especially care about EQ.
INFJs generally value EQ and think IQ is overrated (do the right thing - not necessarily the logical thing).
Hence they are both smart in the way they care about. Both INTJs and INFJs are first class minds that you really want around you.

Ben Sissons, Entrepreneur, Founder, CTO

Monday, March 20, 2017

ideal home

people may look forward with many things ....but for me I wanted my own home I owned save haven some people do ask what is my home may look like ....well here are some example which is how my home will look like 

  • color - monochrome / grey / blue 
  • many painting and inspiration word
  • industrial / modern / minimal / scandanivian 

study/ work table 

  main entrance 

 living room / corner 
 living room
my bathroom

hope you are inspired ;-)


All we have is forgivenessAlways walking a fine lineTo a love that would mean lessAll would last is a lifetimeAlways talking of weaknessAnd the looks from a sidelineAll we have is forgivenessThat I'm trying to find

Saturday, March 18, 2017

the road

whether you are trying to quit something
or when life just throws something at you....
when is unexpected....
when is difficult ...
 the bigger the problem tend to think me the most important lesson
 that will impact you as a person......
your thinking, behavior, and characters change..
which is why some people who are not strong with their core value....
at the time ...
the road to recovery seems like a long path...
but is it impossible....
one step at the time.....even if you have to began from the long you don't give up....
one day when u reach the finish line will have a story to tell other....
to motivate and inspire a new generation ...
that is when u make yourself immortalized by people remembering the act you have made impact on others.....

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My style

People do wonder what make stylist /style consultant different? are you good in wearing everything? well we all have different taste and I guess we all appreciate creativity and each style that we pick which we mould  mix, inspired as we grow which become unique and our own style which we are consistent and not easily influence by others .our core style remains.

i am not talented but just passionate and curious

i would pick

Modern minimalist

Sunday, December 18, 2016


as you all know I am style consultant not just on fashion but home too and my department I am in charge in Robinsons is Home and has been a while I posted something but I have to apologize to my reader as I was going towards my tough period and I tend to concealed myself. However enough about me, here are the upcoming trend analysis 

Color: shades of blue

when it comes to shades of blue go beyond than just the plain blue but color that is unique like teal, midnight blue,  turquoise and etc will look good together and prevent you from looking like SMURF !

one of my favorite color was actually bronze, steel gray and unique shades of blue like teal - which I am happy that my favorite color will be the next upcoming trend.  and somehow it is a good combination. I never knew, to be honest...but is just that maybe I was lucky or concurring , the reason why i like this color is because I am color blind- red and green  , So my work tend to color more towards monochromatic, neutral pallette and of course blue.

complement it with the black interior  to increase to another notch  .

when you say wood people will always not relate it to luxury because where it come from and it relate be nature. is all about the finishing touch and how is it done whether is the process or ,finishing .

copper have that raw look something similiar like rose gold which is why copper are always the original and is not process  look like rose gold which the society perceive as more valuable. . 

to summarise here are material and color to complement this look .

elements; marble, copper , wood
color ; black, white , grey , copper ,  blue ,

  •  play different kind shades 
  • finishing of a product is important 
  • texture 
  • if is match your personality and style( if you dont like it you dont need to follow \ 'you cant keep up with trend as is always changing but  our personal style remains.

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