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Monday, November 16, 2015

chapter 3-minimalism

so what is your style? (part 1)

That is something that most people don't ask without any fashion background or education....for me it was asked during the job interview I mention in chapter 2. I guess I am clean , minimalism,simple and bold. The only thing that is bold when it comes to my dressing is usually a few things which is my accessories.

- Jewerly - bangle and rings
- watches 

( I Will describe accessories more in other chapter)

what about color?
as i grow older i kinda like dark colors more....or color won't see me wear same tone color of top and btm unless is black.

what type of clothing?
to me movement ,cutting and fitting is more important I am not sure where i learn from maybe magazine or just tv 

other factors?
as a guy i feel that grooming is very important such as hairstyle,beard and eyebrow....for bodywise if you are lean, gym fit or muscular it will be huge advantage.with nice big upper body and small waist believe me is enough to turn heads 

trust me on this...I was skinny...fat....and now my body is gymfit which most people describe me but I still try to achieve my dream bod which is what my size i am currently now but with deep cutting .I gym  about 3 -4 time  a week and i have been gymming a few years....and is an ongoing process....the difficult part is to maintain it once you achieve that....

here are some of my style that bests suits me (daily life style) 

so what do you think? 

it has that mix of both and a touch of everything don't you think ? it looks effortless ,clean , yet rugged and has attitude me is all about balance.....not too loud but yet enough to turn head is fitting but is not very tight ....

here is something you should take into consideration.....everyone has their own style and this is my style which I Feel I am the most comfortable .....but to me your style that suits you will work best for you....every body is don't get this the wrong idea.....if my job requires me to style someone i will style them to their own personal  taste ,style and even if they are not sure I will explore with my clients .... if my client is loud i style him loud.....if she is elegant i will style elegant etc etc

I guess that's one of my strength . I am able to appreciate other people style and I never have strong opinion  to make people feel they need to follow me.....most people have not understand their body yet or what color or what style they going for? or maybe not adventurous? 

simple .....if you have not try how will you know? 

whats hanging and when you tried on is totally different?

remember this 

' fashion changes but style endure'
coco chanel 

(to be continued....)

Chapter 2 - when you least expected...

on the 5 nov 2015 I just finish my last paper in my bachelor in marketing ( I am 26 btw) and was looking for full time jobs ... after was rejected by 3 big brands applying for sales associate I felt a bit down but not yet defeated......

one agent ( a very nice lady) told me I feel that I will suit the position she send my resume to the client (no expectation) and by my surprise after 2 round of interview. I was given the position ! I think being a new graduates you have to be in the worst position ever .....a company is looking for someone who need experience and yet when you go back to service industry with a bachelor degree you are over qualified...anyway that was the first company who decided to hire me and is gonna be in my disadvantage as I have no prior knowledge  or education about fashion... I need to learn fast and proof to myself and them. I am the type of person who you like challenges and proof to you I Will do excellent .... my perfectionist character and competitive soul as an aries 

 I guess this is what I will always remember for life 

'you have no experience , but I See potential in you. you just required a bit of are outspoken and yet soft spoken and I Could see you have sense of style and you present yourself well....the image suites our company....this is what i can offer....just remember there will be people who will hate you and even ask why they hire this boy....get along with everyone and they will help you next time ....i don't know how but that is your problem to fix...and just remember I won't hesitate to fire you anytime if the sales figure is low as much  " My lady boss

sounds like DEVIL WEARS PRADA scene ...yup that is what I experience ....

my lady boss may sound fierce to you but in my eyes she is actually a strong  and no nonsense type of woman . she was direct and yet she told me a few tips during the interview which only shows she kinda cares and wanted to groom me.....I was kinda happy that someone finally wanted to invest on me and believe that i will do great.....I know I can .....

I Decided to go with her  and the company because at the end of the day I feel this position that i never heard of in my countries and never advertised .....was recommended and least expected become something ..... Life can be funny at time .....dont plan and just follow your heart.... I will share more about my job in future once i sign my contract ..... practically my job duties is be a good in sellling any product from furniture to even kitchen ware or even bed....candles....I need to do PR...Events and i Can do fashion shoot ....the list just goes on....practically I am jack of all trades and whetever the clients want i need to be able to achieved and give them advice.

at the end of interview...i nod my head....and shake her hand firmly

" I hope I didn't offend or scares you in any way ....I hope you will think about this position"
as she hold her balenciaga clutch bag and walk away from me....

I whisper to myself with disbelief .....' I get the job......" and  smiles 

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