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Sunday, January 10, 2016

japan oh japan


a land of culture....where modern and tradition meet...
a temple can be located in the busiest district located at harajuku
deep in this forest is a which tranquality and nature take place  there is a hidden gem called 'MEIJI SHRINE'

with strong history and generous charity from people allows the temple to maintain so perfect as new

Meiji shrine

for every temple they would have a japanese amulet which is design differently...
beautiful gift . The japanese or most asian culture believe that every amulet symbolises different luck it can offer

Harajuku is located across Meiji Shrine (across the street ) you can't miss it 

3 things to describe harajuku 

fashion paradise for the eccentric looks


Harajuku fashion

well  this is tokyo part 1 I will talk more of tokyo in 4 part stay tuned guys for part 2 

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