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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Find your style

Trends come and goes is hard to catch what seems to be impossible to grasp....
once you are in....and you are out...
but the trick is never to try follow but to explore and understand which style represent you

honestly my style has evolved toward minimalistic/clean but  with creative edge..... I have a fundamental base but willing to try new looks
no mattter how old you grow personal style remains but trends doesn't takes time for  individual style to be develop as it is unique ...

if you wondering what are different style you may take the quiz....

This is my result

You're a NuDapper!

Much akin to their Traditionalist counterparts, the NuDapper’s style is primarily informed by the classic gentleman’s wardrobe – except that it is far less rigid in its dogma and instead champions experimentation within the general confines of classical menswear. The question the NuDapper asks would therefore be: what would a new-age gentleman wear in this occasion? Not to say that Traditionalists aren’t modern. But the NuDapper is more exploratory in their attitude, willing to break rules and mix them about, but always finishing off looking debonair. The NuDapper doesn’t mind picking up cues from current trends, but they always fit them into the template of what is acceptable to a gentleman.

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