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Thursday, June 23, 2016

my ideal home

well as you realize I Do have many general The creativity or any ideas /project which allows us to show our  individual work ....there is no right or wrong but simply whether people could understand your concept you created and wish to potray ....being a person that goes by emotional more I guess people do tend to appreciates the craftmanship and the beauty of almost everything....

fyi how small is sg for my usa viewers and other country ( thank you for visiting my blog)

so I am saving up now to purchase my first home because I feel that is a good investment and at least you have something to cover u ....and if you are living in singapore it is known for land that is so small even to hongkong ...price will always goes up gradually but never down....but I love to move to states cause is one of fashion capital and since english is my native it should be no problem .....cultural far the guys there are very friendly to me....haha

anyway my ideal home

minimal modern

simple and yet elegant and home accessories that bring the extra added zing....I love the idea of different elements like metal wood marble to give more homey and yet luxurious....color tend to be neutral  my ideal home is having a loft that has high ceiling and ...white color give the room looks bigger and dark colours such as wine , maroon , grey bring the furniture pops

i guess i am consistent when it comes to my fashion or even home....balance and minimal but yet has character without trying too hard....

must be the buddism teaching i guess even though im a free thinker ....

how to be stylist?

I do ponder at times how did i become a junior style consultant without any education of fashion at all.... it was not intentional but it has been my passion and  I NEVER see as career . I  guess as i watch more toward western media are talked about in hollywood all the time ...which i was influenced...

but this is what I Have learn and wish to share to people who do seek career in  STYLING.....  work and gain retail background  whether is salesperson or  is branded or local etc ...follow and understand from small business to big mnc company like LV is good to understand how EACH fashion retail OPERATES 

 style Is About Confidence

the most important thing about style is confidence. It takes confidence be stylish and push the envelope of your comfort level.

Fitting and understand your own body & the right occassion

whether is a shirt , polo tee, suit.

fitting is important and you have to understand whats your body shape ,your flaws, your asset etc and whether is age appropriate...

Grooming from head to toe

In order to look stylist a person has to maintain a certain standard of proper grooming like what hairstyle suits their face...the brow and beard is trim etc when everything is placed and look for certain occassion ....

Create your own unique trademarks 

everyone has different taste in clothing, color but what make you stylist is when you have your own identity

Your Presence Speaks Before You Do

We would like to believe that people don’t judge by appearance, but the reality is that they do. and is first impression that matter the most... so might as well give it all you got....

Sunday, June 19, 2016

what color for my shoes should i match with my suit

( shoes to match your suit)

you know its good to use guidance especially color sometime it may work for you but not others but fashion are meant to be explore and discover so use this guide when you are not sure how to color coordinate...i was bad  in  executive wear and not sure whether I will look good on them...

 suit to match with your pants

color blocking is one way to look casual smart rather then matching one color which is the proper tradition....its good to break from tradition as guide but to be stylist is being daring and listen to people comment whether there is more compliment or critics ....

value yourself

working 60-80 hours of work  in week honestly is not productive and is tiring ... some people might say is ' hardworking but it will resulted more negativity impact on one self....yet again how does one person become of  certain value is the thing if you work repetitive , longer and longer people will evaluates the work per hour .....sadly society seems to like numbers that's for sure is everywhere and it review almost everything.... kpi , monthly sales target etcif you doing that stop.please do not go stay after work or work at home ... work is never ending but your  time is ....unexpected ....when work is  simply measured by how much time you put in , it seems cheap & more expensible .... but that depends on what industry and skill set....that if your skill is common traits it is replecable.....if your skill is unique or reach professional quality then you made yourself more value such example " 10 years making in craftmanship in leather making the longer it is the more value so why is it different....

Self-value is more behavioral than emotional, more about how you act toward what you value, including yourself, than how you feel about yourself compared to others. It necessarily includes self-care.

To value something goes beyond regarding it as important; you also appreciate its qualities, while investing time, energy, effort, and sacrifice in its nurturing or maintenance. If you value a da Vinci painting, you focus on its beauty and design more than the cracks in the paint, and, above all, you treat it well, making sure that it is maintained in ideal conditions and shielded from direct lighting. Similarly, people with high self-value appreciate their own better qualities (even while trying to improve their lesser ones) and take care of their physical and psychological health, growth, and development.

technology....has slow us from creativity..... yes it is informative and it connect all of us....but you know the irony has never been productive as we reply mails and things are never get start to value yourself start doing what u love to do....what if money is no objection what will u do ....value yourself 

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