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Monday, July 11, 2016

minimalist watch

HAVOK - Most Backed Minimalist Watch

A minimal watch built from the ground up with attention to detail -Created for, and by, those who just want something that makes sense

that is a brief desription  of what the  brand  vision and value..... I am gonna be honest with you all I was asked to PR  this startup . This is my first PR campaign so I may not be an expert and I do not feel like trying to sell the I mention before company values does matter which is why I only share this small info and a picture ....a company that is new require trust and that is what most people ask which is very difficult...product can only be duplicate as technology is getting more advance .....but it gave people to understand what does true automatic watch mean without paying a bomb so if you are interested here is the link which I was given so you could get special rates.....and becomes A VIP which gave u some perks so enjoy :-)

June 29, 2016

Our pursuit of qualityAt Elliot Havok, we believe you can have both high quality and an affordable price. For our newest watch, the Quarter Century Watch, we've gone above and beyond.

Here are some of the features we've included in the Quarter Century Watch:

These are just a few of the many parts we think about when it comes to quality. We're excited to share more details with you once our product launches on Kickstarter.

Our launch date will be announced VERY soon. Be on the lookout for an email from us with more details to claim your early bird discount.

-Elliot Havok Team

The heart wants what it want

you know our brain and heart never seem to get along....and at time we use logic to make decision because with self explanatory and reasoning . we comfort our heart that it be all right.....but i was wrong when you feel uncomfortable because your heart say so....u dont give in.....your heart never lies to you because when you don't love the brain that convince you ....your heart did not tell you to love again but it is your brain who worn the heart to be fearful telling  you not to  fall  in love again.......your heart may look fragile but it is the stronges organ...cause it never stop...pumping every second to keep you alive... and allows you to feel sadness...happiness or anger.....

do you remember when you fall in love for the first time ....your first you remember it was so painful and you felt  that you won't be ok .....there is always a choice whether it just makes you stronger.....the fear of being  hurt prevent you to disallow yourself to love others.....
but people who never been hurt will never know the true meaning of love.....

will you know if there is darkness if there is light....
will time stop for you because you stop and stand still ....

Falling in love is a uniquely intense period of time for anyone. But we need to sort out a lot of other questions during a falling-in-love phase: Beyond clear attraction, is this person someone who will support you, respect you, understand you, and be compassionate with you? And does this person share your values and priorities?
so listen to your heart ....cause the heart wants what it want

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